Could the student-housing boom help this motor inn?

This Columbia Missourian article outlines beautifully the history of the Arrow Head Motel, what Deb Sheals says in the story is one of the last remaining old tourist camps. The present owner, Mohammad Eldeib, no longer rent rooms there, instead using the location to rent trucks and trailers.

But in the article, he notes he’d like to renovate it for student housing. What do you think? Could this place be saved and reused by becoming student housing?

The 1938 building was named to the Columbia Notable Properties List in 2012. The article outlines the historic nature of the place, the former owners and even highlights the historic importance of the sign. It’s a great read — especially with the last quote from Eldeib, comparing the old motel to the pyramids in Egypt. “They are witnesses to whoever passes by and dwells in them and testify on them and their actions.”

Having students live in the motel, in some ways, would bring it full circle, but to find out why I say that, you’ll have to read the article written by Joey Ukrop with photos by Sarah Ng.

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