407 S. Sixth Street — Missouri State Teachers Association Building

The building at 407 S. Sixth Street houses the headquarters of the Missouri State Teachers Association, which has about 44,000 members.
This building, which was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980, marked a first in our nation when it was built in 1927. It was the first building in the United States built “solely to house a state-teachers organization,” according to the National Register of Historic Places’ nomination form, which sites The School and Community, Vol. XIII, p. 244.
Designed by architect William B, Ittner and built by E.H. Kuehn, it is an example of the Jacobethan Revival Style.
The Missouri State Teachers Association was founded in 1856.
Yet, The Boone County Chronicles book states on page 5 the building was used for “first Columbia College on south Sixth Street in 1832 (now the home of the Missouri State Teachers Association)…”

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