Downtown Columbia Historic District

This is a listing of what’s included in the NRHP document Downtown Columbia Historic District (preferred): This NRHP document is dated Sept 22, 2006. It includes “Parts of 7th, 8th, 9th, E. Broadway, Cherry, Hitt, Locust, and E. Walnut Street.” Here’s the URL for the document:

It includes a short paragraph on these addresses:701 E. Ash Columbia National Guard Armory,  600 E. Broadway Columbia Municipal Building, 700 E. Broadway Payne Grocers/Parker Brothers Furniture and Undertaking, 701 E. Broadway Daniel Boone Tavern, 706 E. Broadway Hetzler Brothers Meat Shop, 710 E. Broadway Boone County National Bank, 800 E. Broadway Miller Building, 804 E. Broadway Matthews Building, 806 E. Broadway Metropolitan Building, 814 E. Broadway Hays Hardware, 816 E. Broadway, 818 E. Broadway Neate’s, 820 E. Broadway Woolf Bros., 823 E. Broadway Miller Shoe Store, 827 E. Broadway Victor Barth, 900 E. Broadway Statesman, 901 E. Broadway Haden, 904 E. Broadway, 906-914 E. Broadway Columbia Savings, 911-913 E. Broadway, Rochester Clothing/Richards Meat Co, 915-917 E. Broadway Klingbell’s Cigars Clendenin Pool Hall, 916 E. Broadway Julie’s Dress Shop, 918 E. Broadway O.E. Dewerthern’s Jewelry Store, 920-922 E. Broadway Booth and Hall Undertakers, 919-929 (odd numbers) E. Broadway O’Rear Block, 1000 E. Broadway, 1009 E. Broadway Koeppen’s Florist Boswell Dry Goods, 1010-1014 E. Broadway, 101-1019 E. Broadway Elvira, 1016 E. Broadway Thomas Photography, 1018-1020 E. Broadway Herald Tribune, 1021 E. Broadway Buchroeder’s, 1023-1025 E. Broadway, Kress Wholesale, Mehornay Furniture, 1101 E. Broadway Parson Sisters’ Beauty Parlor, 1102 E. Broadway, 1103 E. Braodway Columbia Theatre, 1104-1106 E. Broadway Central Dairy, 1105 E. Broadway Alton Garage, 1107 E. Broadway Hoberecht and Speer Garage, 701 E. Cherry Columbia Daily Tribune, 920 E. Cherry Columbia Female Academy/Cottage Hotel, 16 N. Eighth Renie Hardware, 22-24 N. Eighth Guitar Building, Eighth and Walnut Streets, columns from the second Boone County Courthouse, 214-220 N. Eighth Prudential Insurance Company, 23 S. Eighth Tiger Hotel, 29 S. Eighth Rogers Clean Grocery, 201 S. Eighth White Eagle Dairy, 8 N. Hitt Claypoool Shoe Store, 10 Hitt Coco Cola Building, 15 N. Hitt Stephens, 802 E. Locust MFA Oil, 5-7 Ninth L.J. Slate Billiards Hall, 11 N. Ninth Allen Arnold, 13 N. Ninth Victor, 16 N. Ninth Lafayette Hume, 17 N. Ninth Varsity Theatre, 18-36 N. Ninth Hume, 21-23 N. Ninth Crosswhite Bakery, 25 N. Ninth, 33 N. Ninth Nowell, 109-111 N. Ninth City Hall, 113 N. Ninth, 7 S. Ninth Parsons Shoe Shop, 12 S. Ninth Heibel’s Drug Store, 13 S. Ninth, blacksmith/meat market/tin shop, 16 S. Ninth Columbia Telephone, 19 S. Ninth Fredendall’s Department Store, 22 S. Ninth Novus, 24 S. Ninth Harzfeld’s, 26 S. Ninth, 28 S. Ninth Gribble E.R. Grocer, 27-29 S. Ninth Ballenger, 30 S. Ninth, 102 S. Ninth Hall Theatre, 110 S. Ninth Booche’s Billard Hall, 111 S. Ninth Virginia Building, 114 S. Ninth, 118 S. Ninth Tiger Barber, 122 S. Ninth, 124 S. Ninth Columbia Daily Tribune, 201 S. Ninth Missouri Theatre, 224 S. Ninth Missouri United Methodist 221-227 S. Ninth Gordon Building, 101 N. Seventh City Hall Calaboose, 1 S. Seventh post office, 9 N. Tenth, 11-13 N. Tenth American Railway Express Evans-Miller Milliners, 16 N. Tenth Parker Furniture, 17 N. Tenth J.E. Hathman, 21 N. Tenth IOOF Hall, 101 N. Tenth First Christian Church, 15 S. Tenth Missouri Motor Company, 16 S. Tenth Medical Clinic, 121 S. Tenth Winn Hotel/Elks Lodge 594, 131 S. Tenth Missouri Transit Lines Bus Station, 700 E. Walnut Boone County Courthouse, 801 E. Walnut Athens Hotel, 814 E. Walnut Bayless Abstract, 908 E. Walnut Koeppen House, 912 E. Walnut S.K. Cho, 916 E. Walnut McClain Furniture.