700 West Broadway

This is the John A. and Clara Stewart home, built ca. 1908. For more information on the house itself, see this National Register of Historic Places document, entry 28.

To learn a bit more about John A. Stewart, here’s a link to “The Battle For Stewart Park,” an article by Mitch Ryals published in the July 2014 issue of Inside Columbia magazine.

Here’s previously collected information:

This classic Queen-Anne style home at 700 West Broadway was a victim of a 1992 fire,  according to an article written by Sherrie Goetsch with photographs by Deanna Dikeman published in the Columbia Home and Lifestyle December 2007/January 2008 issue.

Restored by then owners Steve and Laura Schopp, the 3,600-foot home was named to the Columbia  Notable Properties list in 2005 before it was sold to Jason and Renee (JiJi) Cooley.

According to the article, the Cooleys renovated the house, adding air condition, updating the kitchen, repairing the foundation. The kitchen update, the article notes, involved expanding the once tiny kitchen into the 1940s era addition.

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