Swallow Hall – MU Campus – Francis Quadrangle

  • May 30, 2017 — Local history comes to life, Columbia Daily Tribune. Summary: Event coverage of Memorial Day event sponsored by Columbia Cemetery Association Board. The event featured monologues given by actors portraying J. W. “Blind” Boone, Jane Froman, Ann Hawkins Gentry, George Swallow, John Lathrop, Luella St. Clair Moss, James S. Rollins and Walter Williams.

Swallow Hall was built around 1892-1893. It was named to the National Register of Historic Places, along with other buildings on what is called the Red campus on Francis Quadrangle in 1973.

It was placed on the Columbia Historic Preservation Commission’s Notable Properties list in 2002.

It was designed by Morris Frederick Bell. The Registration nomination form notes the building was named for George C. Swallow, the first State Geologist, first professor of geology at the University of Missouri, first dean of the College of Agriculture. The name was retained even after the Schools of Geology and Biology moved to other buildings.

According to the 1973 National Register of Historic Places nomination form, Swallow Hall “does, however, suffer from some water leakage due to the re-challenging of a stream at the southeast corner of the building.” which was quoted from a statement of Alden Redfield in a personal interview on March 2, 1973.

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