201 E. Brandon Road – Neate Home

This Cape Cod was built in 1937 for Sidney B. and Margaret Gault Neate, according to an article written by Jim Muench with photographs by Peter Anger published in the Columbia Home & Lifestyle August/September 2007 issue.

The home was named to the Columbia Notable Properties list in 2006.

The Neates also own the A.F. Neate Dry Goods Co. at 818 E. Broadway. The store sold fabrics, accessories and, the article notes, “was famous for its old-fashioned brass pneumatic tube apparatus that could send small parcels quickly to different parts of the store.” The store, built circa 1888, is a Late Victorian style, two-part commerical block. The building was among the buildings listed on the National Register as a part of the the Downtown Columbia Historic District which on Nov. 8, 2006. 

One of the home’s best features is its gardens created by Margaret Neate. The gardens includes multiple paths, five patios and many levels, the article notes, providing views from each window of the house. The home and gardens were featured over the years in several magazines including Home Landscaping, Home & Environment, Popular Gardening and The American Home.

The home is on a sliver of land from the large estate of the Rollins family. James S. Rollins was known as the father of the university because of his efforts to have the University of Missouri located in Columbia.

The home was purchased by the Neates in 1937. It then passed to their daughter Grayson Kabler, who sold it in August 2001 to Becky and Richard Erdel.

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