A new use for historic buildings

Historic buildings need to be put to work to save them, and sometimes that means finding a new use for the building. For example, historic homes with too much space for today’s smaller families are sometimes reused as bed and breakfasts — or an old historic building could be renovated to become housing for artists.

That’s what this proposal in Kansas City calls for, turning historic buildings in downtown Kansas City into apartment for low-income people, with a special target of struggling artists. The developer George Sherman plans to seek affordable tax credits, state and federal historic tax credits. In the case of state tax credits, these are not give aways. The developer will have to put money into the project and have the work done according to historical standards before he will be eligible for tax credits on taxes paid, not funding for the project itself.

What buildings in Columbia do you think could be renovated into apartments for affordable housing? What buildings have you seen given a new use? What’s your favorite re-purposed historic building in Columbia?


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