Buy history, live in the Gingerbread house

The house at 121 West Blvd., North, often called the Fairy Tale house or the Gingerbread house, is once again for sale. This recent article, “Famed Columbia gingerbread house on the market again,” gives a brief outline of the house and its recent history.  Best of all, it does not repeat some of the urban…

Historic homes + facts = amazing stories

I love historic homes because inside of them — inside every home — is a story. No need to add color, make anything up, each house offers a tale worth telling. The aptly named “Fairy-tale” house at 121 West Blvd., North is no exception. But until last year, the story got one big fact wrong….

Hansel and Gretel house changes hands

The historic home at 121 N. West Blvd., has changed hands once again. Often called the Gingerbread house or the Hansel and Gretel house for its fairy tale like appearance, the house has been purchased by Sean and Leigh Spence, according to this Dec. 7, 2013 article in the Columbia Daily Tribune by Jacob Barker….