National Register

Here is a list of the National Register of Historic Places sites in Boone County.

Below are the National Register sites by these categories: Areas, Homes, Commercial Buildings, Public Buildings, MU, Stephens College, Columbia College, Schools, Sacred Places.

The National Register of Historic Places was created by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.

In Missouri, this program is administered by the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). A page on the SHPO website lists all of the sites  listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Downtown Columbia Historic District, parts of 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, East Broadway, Cherry, Hitt, Locust and East Walnut Streets, NR 11/08/06.

Boundary increase of Downtown Columbia Historic District, 1019, 1020, 1023, 1025-33 E. Walnut Street.

East Campus Neighborhood Historic District, roughly bounded by Bouchelle, College, University and High Streets, including parts of Willis, Bass, Dorsey and Anthony Streets. NR 2/16/96.

Eighth Broadway Historic District, Miller Building, Matthews Hardware, Metropolitan Building, 800-810 E. Broadway. NR 4/22/2003.

North Ninth Street Historic District, 5-36 N. Ninth St., Columbia. NR 1/21/2004.

Rocheport Historic District, MO 240, Rocheport, Missouri. NR 10/8/1976.

West Broadway Historic District, 300-922 West Broadway, except 800, 808, 812. NR 3/11/2010.


4th Street between East Broadway and Walnut, John W. “Blind” Boone Home. NR 9/4/1980.

315 N. 10th Street, Columbia. Samuel H. and Isabel Smith House. NR 9/12/1996.

716 W. Broadway, Columbia. John N. and Elizabeth Taylor House. NR 5/25/2001.

3005 Mexico Gravel Road, Columbia. Greenwood Heights. NR 1/15/1979.

2815 Oakland Gravel Road, Columbia. Confederate Hill. NR 9/9/1993.

Nifong Boulevard and Ponderosa Drive, Columbia. Maplewood. NR 4/13/1979. Operated by Boone County Historical Society and City of Columbia Parks and Recreation.

8939 W. Terrapin Hills Road, Columbia vicinity. William B. Hunt Home. NR 1/10/1997.

201 N. Roby Farm Road, Rocheport vicinity. Moses U. Payne House. NR 10/07/1994.

Commercial Buildings

10 Hitt St., Coca-Cola Bottling Company Building. NR 2/14/2006. As of 2008, it houses the Ragtag Cinema, Uprise Bakery and Ninth Street Video.

23 S. Eighth St., Columbia. Tiger Hotel. NR 2/29/1980.

27-29 S.  Ninth St., Ballenger Building. NR 1/21/2004.

111 S. Ninth St., Columbia. Virginia Building. NR 3/13/2002.

201-215 S. Ninth St., Missouri Theater. NR 6/6/1979.

402 E. Broadway, Columbia. Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad Depot. NR 1/29/1979. While this was a public building when built, today it is a Commerical Building and currently houses Shiloh Bar and Grill. This building is listed here, under Commercial Buildings and on this page on Public Buildings.

407 S. Sixth St., Columbia. Missouri State Teacher’s Association. NR 9/4/1980.

916 E. Walnut, Columbia. McCain Furniture Store. NR 8/17/2005.

1101-1107 Hinkson Ave., and 501-507 Fay St., Columbia. Wright Brothers Mule Barn. NR 11/01/2007.

1104-1106 E. Broadway, Columbia. Central Dairy Building. NR 1/20/2005.

1025 E. Broadway, Columbia. Kress Building. NR 3/9/2005.

30 S. St., Hartsburg. Samuel E. Hackman Building. NR 12/10/1998.

1123 Wilkes Blvd., Columbia. Hamilton-Brown Shoe Factory. NR 7/19/2002.

1406 Old Highway 40 W., Columbia. Pierce Pennant Motor Hotel. NR 9/2/1982. Today this houses the Candlelight Lodge, an assisted living residence.

Public Buildings

701 E. Ash St., Columbia, Columbia National Guard Armory, NR 3/25/1993.

402 E. Broadway, Columbia. Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad Depot. NR 1/29/1979. Currently operating as Shiloh Bar and Grill.

126 N. 10th St., Columbia. Wabash Railroad Station and Freight House. NR 10/11/1979.

319 E. Sneed St., Centralia, Albert Bishop Chance House and Gardens, NR 1/20/2005.


602 Sanford Place, Columbia, Sanford F. Conley House, NR 12/18/1973.

Francis Quadrangle Historic District/Red Campus, bounded by Conley Avenue, Elm, Sixth and Ninth Streets, Columbia. NR 12/18/1973.

Sanborn Field and Soil Erosion Plots, University of Missouri Campus, Columbia. NR 10/15/1966, NHL 7/19/1964.

Sacred Places

30 E. Broadway, Columbia Cemetery, NR 2/01/2007.

101 N. 10th Street, Columbia, First Christian Church. NR 10/29/1991.

204 S. Ninth St., Columbia, Missouri. United Methodist Church. NR 9/4/1980.

401 N. Fifth St., Columbia, Missouri. Second Christian Church. NR 9/4/1980.

407 E. Broadway, Columbia, Missouri. Second Baptist Church. NR 9/4/1980.

501 Park St., St. Paul’s A.M.E. Church, Columbia. NR 9/4/1980.

Stephens College

Senior Hall, Stephens College Campus, Columbia, Missouri. NR 8/2/1977.

1200 E. Broadway, South Campus, Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. NR 11/25/2005.

Columbia College


301 N. Providence Road, Columbia, Frederick Douglass School, NR 9/4/1980.

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