CoMo/BoCo 200 Media Coverage


Jan. 10, 2021 — An update of plans to celebrate Columbia’s bicentennial including a park expansion and a July 2021 event. Source: KOMU


  • Aug. 27, 2020 — 200 Years in the Making. Source: CoMo Living & Working magazine. Summary: Columbia’s bicentennial will be celebrated with a series of events culminating in a June 12, 2021 event and the dedication of a park expansion on the Flat Branch, where Columbia began.


  • Aug. 22, 2019 — Art project to celebrate Columbia’s bicentennial. Source: Columbia Missourian. Summary: Columbia’s bicentennial taskforce will launch in October a campaign for Columbia citizens to help decorate a sphere to mark the city’s 200th anniversary. Citizens will be asked to come up with one word to describe the city. The campaign is being called the “One Word Project.”
  • April 18, 2019 — Bicentennial mural project meeting in Sturgeon. Source: Columbia Daily Tribune. A meeting is set for April 27, 2019 in the Sturgeon Christian Church Fellowship Hall to seek input about what should be in the mural artist Stacy Self will create for the 200th anniversary of the founding of Boone County.
  • April 14, 2019 — Rude Awakenings: Invisible chains hang on our iconic columns. Source: Columbia Daily Tribune. Summary: An article noting the African-American history that goes unnoticed. For example, the columns left standing in the Quadrangle of the University of Missouri are from a building built in 1839, most likely using enslaved labor. The article notes that in 1830 nearly a quarter of the Boone County population were slaves. The article calls for making sure the history of blacks is not ignored during the bicentennial celebrations.
  • April 12, 2019 — Boone bicentennial plans moving ahead. Source: Columbia Daily Tribune. Summary: Reporting on plans developed for celebrating Boone County’s 200th anniversary. Those plans include having a mural created with input from various Boone County towns. For example, Hallsville residents want representations of Native Americans from the Osage Tribe and a 1963 explosion included. Boone County was created in 1820. The mural will hang in the Boone County History and Culture Center.
  • April 3, 2019 — The park is slated for bicentennial expansion. Source: Summary: The plan for the park expansion designed to mark the May 2021 CoMo200 bicentennial was approved by The Downtown Leadership Council. The plan will go for approval to the Columbia City Council on May 6, 2019.
  • Feb. 16, 2019 — The Missouri Crisis at 200: Kinder Institute kicks off bicentennial commemoration. Source: Columbia Missourian. Summary: A weekend conference looking at Missouri’s history and its importance to the U.S. The event focused especially on slavery, yet the event drew “an almost entirely white audience,” the article notes. The article included information on the case of Winny, who petitioned for her freedom at the same time Missouri was becoming a state. Winny or Winney, her name is spelled both ways in a primary source the transcript of Winny’s lawsuit. She won her case in the Missouri Supreme Court, the article notes, on the grounds that her owners had taken her to live in territories where slavery was banned, establishing the precedent of “one free, always free.”
  • Feb. 19, 2019 — Missouri Bicentennial Celebration needs you. Source: Columbia Daily Tribune, but written by Wes Franklin who writes for the Neosho Daily News. Summary: How to get involved in the state’s Missouri 2021 bicentennial celebrations.
  • Feb. 12, 2019 — Have a piece of Boone County you love? It could be memorialized in a mural. Source: Columbia Missourian. Summary: Stacy Self, a local artist, is collecting input for a mural planned to mark the bicentennial of Boone County, Missouri. An event will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 16 in the Southern Boone County Public Library. The mural will be displayed at the Boone County History and Culture Center after 2020.
  • Feb. 1, 2019 — Public offers feedback on Flat Branch Park expansion. Source: Columbia Missourian. Dozens of residents attended a meeting where Deb Sheals of the CoMo200 taskforce and Mike Snyder of Columbia Parks and Rec Dept. presented a plan for a park expansion to mark Columbia’s bicentennial in 2021. Plans include landscaping, a bridge, improved lighting, sculptures, a donor wall and reinstalling brick pavement on Fourth Street. The article included comments from Mark Stevenson, owner of the property on the east side of the proposed park expansion. He’s concerned about losing parking. Another comment by Robbie Price, an architect with Simon Oswald Architecture, noted concern about the bridge meeting Americans with Disability Act requirements. See a pdf of a rendition of the planned expansion here.


  • Nov. 11, 2018 — Community members remember Smithton on march to bicentennial. Source: This piece includes comments from Richard Mendenhall, who portrays Robert S. Barr, one of the early founders of Smithton, which later moved to a water source and changed the settlement’s name to Columbia.
  • Nov. 11, 2018 — Columbia celebrates 200 years since the founding of Smithton. Source: Columbia Missourian, written by Liam Quinn. Summary: Smithton was founded in 1818 with the purchase of about 3,000 acres by more than 30 people. Those founders included Lilburn Boggs, the article state, who would later become the sixth governor of Missouri. The article also notes Ruby Hord, a seventh-grader from Gentry Middle School, was the winner of the T-shirt design that was emblazoned on T-shirts to mark the celebration.
  • Nov. 11, 2018 — Community celebrates bicentennial of Smithton’s founding, Photo Gallery. Source: Columbia Missourian, photography by Di Pan.
  • Nov. 11, 2018 — Columbia celebrates 200 years since the founding of Smithton. Source: AP, published in the Bonner County Daily Bee.
  • Nov. 8, 2018 — CoMo200 to celebrate founding of Smithton. Source: Columbia Daily Tribune. The announcement of the Nov. 11, 2018 kickoff event marking the founding of Smithton, which in 1821 moved to the Flat Branch and was renamed Columbia.
  • Nov. 8, 2018 — Before Columbia there was Smithton. This year, the settlement turns 200. Summary: Smithton, the predecessor to Columbia, was founded in 1818. This article announces the Nov. 11, 2018 event to celebrate Smithton/Columbia’s bicentennial.
  • Aug. 28, 2018 — Mayor’s Task Force plans topographic survey for Flat Branch park extension. Source: Columbia Missourian, written by Clare Roth. Summary: The task force to plan the celebrations for Columbia’s bicentennial will have a survey conducted to plan an extension of the Flat Branch Park for the celebration. The article also notes how the survey will be funded. The park extension will add .6 of an acre to the already existing 2.75-acre park, the article notes. The park expansion will also involve uncovering the Flat Branch, which has been covered up from Providence to Broadway.  The articles notes that originally Columbia was founded in 1818 as Smithton. When water could not be accessed at its original location on what is now Garth and Walnut, the founders moved the town down to the Flat Branch for water in 1821 and renamed it Columbia. The task force referred to as CoMo200 also plans to hold a bicentennial kickoff in November 2018.
  • June 13, 2018 — Columbia, Boone County working on distinct bicentennial celebrations, Columbia Daily Tribune. Summary: The city of Columbia and Boone County will hold their own events to celebrate the 200th anniversary of their founding.
  • March 8, 2018 — Celebrating two centuries worth of Columbia history, Columbia Missourian, Vox magazine. This includes a selective timeline of CoMo’s last 200 years.