More MU demolition announced

According to this Columbia Daily Tribune article, MU added three more buildings to its list of buildings to be demolished. Here’s a link to the June 16, 2022 article.

Note the list includes five buildings older than 100 years. Two of the buildings are notable for women’s history. One of the buildings is part of Columbia’s history, as it was the city’s first hospital.

Read Hall from a 1911 postcard, courtesy of Dan Viets

The list follows:

— Crowder Hall, dedicated in 1940, named for Enoch H. Crowder. Here’s MU’s Brick and Mortar information on it.

— Waters Hall, built in 1907; MU’s Brick and Mortar information.

— McKee Gymnasium, built in 1922; designed by St. Louis firm Jamieson & Spearl and named for Mary McKee, head of MU’s Physical Education for Women from 1923-1958. MU’s Brick and Mortar link.

— Parker Hall, built in 1899, named for William L. Parker, a Columbia businessman and Civil War Veteran. This June 26, 2021 Columbia Daily Tribune article states this was Columbia’s first hospital. MU’s Brick and Mortar info. Note this is on the National Register of Historic Places and Columbia’s Most Notable Properties list.

— Noyes Hall, built in 1922, named for Guy Lincoln Noyes, Dean of Medicine. MU Brick and Mortar information.

— Read Hall, built in 1903, named for 1863-1876 MU President Daniel Read who opened MU to women. Used as women’s dormitory. MU Brick and Mortar information.

— Loeb Hall, built in 1956, named for Isidor Loeb, who held various positions from 1910-1925 including Acting President (1923) and dean of the Faculty of Business and Public Administration (1916-1925). MU Brick and Mortar information.

— London Hall, built in 1959, named for H.H. London, professor of Industrial Education, 1938-71. MU Brick and Mortar information.

— Neff Annex, built 1959. MU Brick and Mortar information.

— Columbia Professional Building, built in 1924. MU Brick and Mortar information.

— Old Student Health Building, built in 1935. MU Brick and Mortar information.

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  1. Dan Viets says:

    Mun Choi does not know or respect the history of our University. He is a vandal!

    1. diannaobrien says:

      Dan, I’m not going to approve this comment because I want to keep things from getting personal on this site. Instead, I’m looking forward to comments about the sites or their history. Thanks!

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