MU School of Medicine’s first six women graduates

The first six women graduates of MU’s medical school come alive in this presentation by Dr. Betsy Garrett, a retired MU School of Medicine physician. This event was hosted by the Columbia Public Library in March 2022.

Here’s the summary from the Columbia Public Library’s website describing the presentation:

“Anna Searcy earned her medical degree at the University of Missouri in 1900, yet few know of her or the other early women graduates of our school of medicine. When Dr. Betsy Garrett was serving as the first woman president of the medical school alumni association, she learned that the 100th anniversary of Dr. Searcy’s accomplishment was going to occur during her tenure. She vowed to learn more about Anna Searcy and her compatriots, and she has uncovered many wonderful stories. In honor of this year’s Women’s History Month theme, Providing Healing, Promoting Hope, Dr. Garrett will introduce you to the first six women who graduated from the MU School of Medicine, 1900-1908. They each were truly remarkable. And the history of basketball at MU also figures into the story!”

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