May 7, 2022 — Meeting to preserve Columbia’s history

We’re going to hold a meeting to explore the possibility an organization or group gathering designed to focus on Columbia’s history. Can’t attend? No problem, just drop your ideas and suggestions in the comments!

What: The meeting will be at 1 p.m. on May 7 in the J.W. Blind Boone House.

Why? There is no one organization devoted to just Columbia’s history. Other organizations working to preserve history have larger areas to cover. For example, the Boone County History & Culture Center covers the entire county and thus can’t focus just on Columbia. The State Historical Society of Missouri focuses on the entire state so it can’t focus just on Columbia’s history. The task force that created the African American Heritage Trail has its own specific mission.but none focus just on our city. The same is true for the city’s Historic Preservation Commission which has a mission restricted by its legal limitation.

In short, Columbia’s history is scattered among several hardworking groups that simply aren’t set up to focus just on Columbia.

This meeting would give us a chance to come together and talk about what we can all agree on and what doesn’t exist now and how we could bring those things to life.

See you there — or if you have other ideas, drop those in the comments!

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  1. Jerry Benedict says:

    I’ve been thinking of all the past articles Bill Clark and Warren Dalton wrote for the Tribune about Columbia history. It’s all archived but most likely not indexed for easy research access. My question will be how we would curate the information we locate? Seems daunting but I’m game. //. We still meeting at Blind Boone house at 1pm on Saturday the 7th?

    1. diannaobrien says:

      Excellent question! Perhaps we can brainstorm this at the meeting, and yes, it will be at 1 p.m. on May 7 in the Boone House!

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