Podcast: Black history and the Battles

Did your doctor tell you to get more exercise like mine did? Here’s a 30-minute podcast that will give you time to walk and insight into Missouri’s Black history and even some insider information on two educators well known in Columbia, Eliot Battle and Muriel Battle.

Full disclosure: Trevor Harris, who created this podcast, is a friend of mine. But even if I didn’t know Trevor, I’d be addicted to these podcasts on Missouri history. He brings context to subtle history like this one on Missouri’s Little Tuskegee.

I’m new to podcasts, though, so if you know of more podcasts about Columbia or Missouri’s history, drop a new in the comments below.

In this podcast, Trevor spotlights the stories of people from Dalton, Missouri, who attended a Black vocational school. Before the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that made segregation unconstitutional, children of color could not attend schools for white children. This podcast, however, also shows the downside of segregation — and desegregation.

The podcast also notes that Eliot Battle was the last principle of the Dalton school and Muriel Battle taught there. Hear how the girls at the Dalton schools admired and learned from Muriel Battle before the school was closed in 1956.

Here is link to a May 6, 2021 Columbia Missourian article about the school.

Trevor’s organization is the Recollection Agency and he helps people save audio memories. He also creates podcasts sponsored by Missouri Life, a magazine of history, culture, people and travel for Missouri.

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  1. Billy Wilson says:

    The State Historical Society of Missouri’s podcast “Our Missouri” is great for history buffs: https://shsmo.org/our-missouri

    KBIA also has a lot of good stuff: https://www.kbia.org/kbia-podcasts

    Thanks for mentioning this podcast!

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