I’m not that kind of girl, or maybe I am … willing to volunteer

Volunteering always seemed like something other people did, like sending thank-you notes or other civilized behavior.

But a few years ago, someone asked me if I would volunteer at the Heritage Festival, set this year for Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 21 and 22 at the Boone County History & Culture Center.

I said yes and I’ve been saying yes every year since. And surprising to me, I LOVE IT!

Yeah, I’ve become that kind of girl.

And now, we need you to become that kind of person and volunteer, too. It’s easy peasy to sign up online. Or you can go to that link get the telephone number of the volunteer coordinator Nancy Thomas.

At the festival, ALL the buildings at the Boone County History & Culture Center including Maplewood House and Village at Boone Junction are open. And that means they need someone there to make sure the doors are open so people can enjoy these historic buildings.

It’s easy to volunteer, there are short shifts, only a couple of hours, and most of the venues are air-conditioned, and a couple of the positions involve sitting in case you have mobility issues.

The Heritage Festival & Craft Show is set for 10-5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 21 and Sunday, Sept. 22. It will feature cowboys, festival food and lots of people demonstrating crafts and I’ve heard Verna Laboy will be there portraying Annie Fisher of beaten biscuit fame.

Are you gonna miss that?

I’m not and I hope you’ll join me. If not to help out, at least to be there and enjoy festival food. After my shift is over at the Ryland Home, whose owner died over a dispute about a turkey, I’ll be at the funnel cake booth. Yeah, I’m definitely that kind of girl.

Join me.

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