Attend this meeting, beat the blues

Ever feel like your voice makes no difference? That the world is gonna roll over you no matter what you do? Yeah, I have that feeling sometimes. Then I realize that no matter what happens, when I speak up — even if my opinion is overruled — I feel better.

So here’s your chance. On Tuesday, Aug. 6 at 7 p.m. the Columbia Historic Preservation Commission in Conference Room 1B of City Hall at 701 E. Broadway. BONUS: The agenda includes a staff report on the proposed developments at Broadway and West Blvd. This development proposal has spawned a “Save Historic Broadway” movement. Here’s a link to the agenda.…/3621_A_Historic_Preserv…

The Commission meetings are ALWAYS open to the public and I always learn something about my city when I attend. The meetings are somewhat informal and members of the public are encouraged to speak up. The meetings also typically last a bit more than an hour, so you’re not signing up for an endurance test of some kind.

So how can this meeting help you beat the blues? One way to fight depression is to “do things that keep you connected to others,” according to this undated article on WebMD.

So come to this or any meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission — doctor’s orders!


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