Got something to say?

Here’s an opportunity to share what you know.

Applicants to be speakers are being sought for the “Show Me Missouri: Conversations about Missouri’s Past, Present, and Future.” The deadline to apply is Sept. 1, 2018 and 30 speakers will be selected.

Why not you? It even pays: $200 per speech plus a possible $150 for each event and you’ll be expected to give four talks a year.

The request for applicants says speakers can be authors, lecturers, scholars or historians. That’s right. No requirement for academic degrees.

The request for applicants comes from two nonprofits, the Missouri Humanities Council and The State Historical Society of Missouri

The only requirements are speakers should be willing to talk about “educational information related to Missouri’s culture, history, art,” and, “All proposals should focus on a topic related to the history, culture, geography, and/or people of Missouri.  Applicants may submit no more than two topics for consideration.”

The application provides samples of biographical information and a summary example of a proposal — with only three sentences. That’s right. Three sentences in the sample proposal.

You can do this.

Here’s the form. Got questions? Here’s who to contact. QUESTIONS? Call 816-802-6566 or email She writes back right away, too.

So do it. We need to hear from more than the usual suspects.

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