It’s a park, it’s an airport, it’s a Stephens training location

All history can become hidden, but it is sometimes it seems especially true for women’s history.

This Stephens College blog post article spotlights a sign that was discovered during a demolition of an old building at Cosmo Park that revealed a bit of women’s history that probably has been nearly forgotten.

The post outlines the history of Cosmo Park, which started out as a private airport owned by the Allton brothers, who then sold it to the City of Columbia for the Columbia Municipal Airport. The runways were turned into some of the roads in the park. But from 1941-1960, the post notes, the Columbia Municipal Airport was also the home of the “Stephens College Aviation Department,” as the newly uncovered sign shows.

Do you know of any other uncovered history?

In this case, the history will now be saved. The sign will be removed and preserved until a use can be determined.

Have you found any hidden history like this and found a new use or a new way to display it?

Please leave a comment if you’ve found hidden history of women — or men — and share how you’ve reused it.

Here’s the link to the originial article:

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