Historic home, “fairy-tale house,” for rent

The house at 121 N. West Blvd., is now a rental property — and that’s good news. As I’ve quoted historic consultant Deb Sheals saying before, the way to save a historic property is to put it to work.

That’s exactly what has happened to this 100-year-old house. Built in 1911 by Arch McCard, the house has a log cabin concealed inside it. It was owned by Betty and Herb Brown until 2010 and then sat vacant. The house was purchased by Kristin Bourgeois, former member of Columbia’s Historic Preservation Commission, and Adam Kaiser. The house will be rented out as a furnished vacation rental. This Jan. 16, 2012 article in the Columbia Tribune quotes Bourgeois as saying it is getting booked quickly.

The house has been renamed the Creekstone Cottage; previously people referred to it as the “fair-tale house,” the “Hansel and Gretel house,” or the “gingerbread house,” the article notes.

Now it’s a historic home put to work.


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