610 W. Broadway correction

Sometimes even journalists like myself get it wrong. That’s when a correction is in order, even when it is a mistake easily corrected such as on a website.

A page on my site gave the incorrect name for the owners of this 1917 house at 610 W. Broadway, which was named to the Columbia Most Notable Properties List in February 2011. The information has been corrected.

I realized my mistake when I found this resource on line. It is the West Broadway Historic District Property Information Form Prepared by Debbie Sheals for the West Broadway Neighborhood Association 2009. The document is available on line here.

According to this document:

“This lovely home was built about 1917 by A. Fredendall, pioneer Columbia Clothier and merchant.  Mr.Fredendall owned the first Columbia department store, a forerunner of Parks.  At a later date Leonard Morris, restauranteur lived here then the Boyd Lucas family.  The Lucas family owned the Missouri Store, forerunner of the successful and long-standing Mo. Book Store.  Still later, the H.R. Muellers owned and still own here.  TheMuellers had lived in the 900 block of W. Broadway and came here.  Mr. Mueller owned and operated the H.R. Mueller Florist Co.  The family continues his business.”

The owners by year, according to the document:

1925-26 A. Fredendall

1930-36 B. W. Lucas

1940 Boyd. W. Lucas

1947-1979 H. R. Mueller

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