See Boone County “poor farm”

No need to leave go outside to see this historic home at 1601 Stoney Brook Drive.

Reputed to be the oldest home in Boone County, it started out as Boone County’s “poor farm,” a place for the sick or indigent.

You can see this historic home here on, a site dedicated to “celebrating the glory of historic homes.”

This house is now privately owned and is not currently for sale, but these photos are in the archives of this site.

This home was built in 1864 according to materials provided by the Columbia Historic Preservation Commission, however, another source notes it was built in 1854. It was named to the Columbia Most Notable Properties list in 2008 — the 100th such designation.

According to information provided by the city of Columbia: “The land was purchased in 1854 by the court from Murdock and Anne Garrett to establish a county infirmary or poor farm for the county’s indigent citizens. The infirmary was erected in 1864 and was maintained by the county until 1898 when the land property was sold to J.B. Turner. This property represents the 100th selection of Most Notable Property by the Historic Preservation Commission.”

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