A nude calendar in Columbia’s future?

Every day it seems Columbia faces yet another historic building that is seeking financial support — the Missouri Theatre, the Blind Boone home and perhaps, one day the Annie Fisher home.

But in Rapid City, South Dakota, they’ve taken action and taken off their clothing for historic buildings. Twelve business men have posed nude for a fund-raising calendar which highlights historic buildings.

This article describes this effort of Rapid City business men to support the historic preservation efforts of their city. The article notes a similar effort in Oregon raised $250,000 for historic renovation and preservation.

The article notes two important things: 1) Few people asked to help turned down the request; 2) Those involved said it was important that people look for new and fun ways to raise money for such important ventures.

Even if such an effort raised $250,000 here in Columbia, it wouldn’t solve all of the Missouri Theatre’s $2.5 million debt problem, but it would be a big step forward.

I think it’s a great idea and would love to buy such a calendar here in Columbia, Missouri.


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