For Sale: 1911 Log Cabin at 121 West Blvd.

The house at 121 West Boulevard is for sale, but many people don’t realize there’s a log cabin inside.

The house is listed by House of Brokers and you can see all the details here and see pictures of the inside and the outside of the house here. The house is listed for $175,000.

But what the listing doesn’t tell you is that the house began as a two-room log cabin built in 1911 by Arch McCard from oak tress growing on the property, according to a June/July 2006 Columbia Home & Lifestyle article written by Jim Muench with photographs by Tom Schmidt.

Later, between 1940 and 1950, Otis T. “Sam” and Nadine Coleman bought the cabin and built on three rooms, added electricity and plumbing. Betty and Herb Brown bought it in 1957 and have owned it since, however, Dr. Herbert Brown, 88, died Sept. 21, 2010.

The house was named to the Columbia Notable Properties list in 2004, according to this May 5, 2004 article in the Columbia Daily Tribune.

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