Brick Streets – History under our feet

Sometimes history is truly right under our feet. That’s the case with Columbia’s brick streets, named to the Columbia Historic Preservation Commission’s list of Most Notable Historic Properties in 2010.

From 1909 to 1915, many of Columbia’s streets were paved using bricks. 

Today, many of these streets have been covered by asphalt or concrete, but a few brick streets remain, including Cherry Street, Glenwood, University Avenue and Waugh.

Some communities are removing the covering over the bricks and revealing the historic paving.

Click here to see a map of where the brick streets are or were.

Here’s a list of the streets.

Cherry Street. From 4th Street to 7th Street. Paved 1912
University Avenue. From College Avenue to South William Street. Paved 1911
Lee Street. Bouchelle Avenue to Wilson Ave. Paved 1909
Bouchelle Avenue. From College Ave. to S. William St. Paved in 1909
Short Street. From Broadway to Walnut St. Paved in 1909
Waugh Street. From Broadway to Locust St. Paved in 1911
Glenwood Avenue. From Broadway to Stewart Road. Paved in 1909
Sanford Street. From Conley Avenue to Turner Avenue. Unknown when paved.
Seventh Street. From Locust Street to Elm Street. Paved in 1912
Lowry Street (Lowry Mall). From Ninth Street to Hitt Street. Paved circa 1915. Original bricks were used to repave the street into a mall in 1984.

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