College buildings, museums, bed and breakfasts

Look around your home. Could you imagine it as a museum, a bed and breakfast — or a college building?

Probably neither could Oliver Parker, but that’s exactly what happened to his house. Today, it’s part of Stephens College’s Senior Hall.

Here is a mini-tour of the historic homes in Columbia that are no longer homes.

  • The home of John William “Blind” Boone, a famous ragtime musician, is slated to become a museum. It is located on Second Street in downtown Columbia.
  • Maplewood Home, built in 1877, is a museum, which gives visitors a look at life during the 19th-century.
  • The Samuel H. and Isabel Smith Elkins House at 310 N. Tenth St., now houses Village Glass Works.
  • Williams Hall at Columbia College was built as a home, but was never used as a residence. 
  • The John and Elizabeth Taylor House at 716 W. Broadway is now The Taylor House Inn, a bed and breakfast.
  • The McMurray Home at 1315 University Avenue is now the University Bed & Breakfast.
  • Senior Hall, Stephens College. This dormitory began life as a home built in the 1840s house for Oliver Parker, of New Hampshire. Senior Hall under went renovation in 1990 and today it is home to the Harriette Ann Gray Dance Studio, the Music Program, a board room, recital hall and parlors, according to the Stephens College website.

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