Houses of Missouri

A beautiful book, Houses of Missouri, 1870-1940, was published in 2008.

While I love this book — it is, after all, about historic homes — I wish it had included even a single home in Columbia, Missouri.

Of course, a writer always has to leave something out; there really never is enough room for everything, but this book is one of the reasons for my resolve to create a book to highlight the wonderful, historic homes in Columbia, Missouri.

This one small complaint side, the book is an excellent resource, especially on historic background on housing in Missouri. It includes homes in St. Louis, Kansas City and other cities in Missouri and even one in Boone County.

Here’s a link to it on

Houses of Missouri, 1870-1940 (Suburban Domestic Architecture) by Cydney Millstein and Carol Grove and published by Acanthus Press, 2008.

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