National Register Listings

Columbia has 19 properties listed on National Historic Register and on the Columbia Notable Properties list.

For example, the David Guitar House, also known as Confederate Hill, is on the list.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources web site also has detailed information for many of these properties.

The properties on Columbia’s Notable Properties List and on the National Register include:

  • John W. “Blind” Boone House, Fourth Street
  • Central Dairy Building, 1104-1106 E. Broadway
  • Columbia Cemetery, 30 E. Broadway
  • Columbia National Guard Armory, 701 E. Ash St.
  • East Campus Neighborhood Historic District, bounded by Bouchelle, College, University and High Streets.
  • Sanford F. Conley House, 602 Sanford Place
  • Samuel H. and Isabel Smith House, 315 N. 10th St., now Koonse Glass.
  • First Christian Church, 101 N. 10th St.
  • Greenwood Heights, 3005 Mexico Gravel Road
  • Hamilton-Brown Shoe Factory, 1123 Wilkes Blvd.
  • Maplewood, Nifong and Ponderosa Drive
  • Missouri State Teachers Association, 407 S. Sixth St.
  • Missouri Theatre, 201-215 S. Ninth St.
  • Second Baptist Church, 407 E. Fifth St.
  • Senior Hall at Stephens College
  • John N. and Elizabeth Taylor House, 716 W. Broadway, now a bed and breakfast
  • Tiger Hotel, 23. S. Eighth St., which is now a special events venue
  • Virginia Building, 111 S. Ninth St.
  • Wabash Railroad Station and Freight House, 126 N. 10th St., now the bus depot for the city of Columbia.

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