Historical Properties of Columbia, Missouri

I launched this Web site in an effort to bring together information on historic properties in Columbia, Missouri.

As a journalist and a resident of Columbia, I’m interested in historical properties for a number of reasons. Primarily, I find historic buildings and properties more interesting than new construction. As Richard King said when I was asking him about the historic building that houses The Blue Note, “They don’t build them like this anymore.”

I also find people’s attraction to and repudiation of historical properties interesting. Some say preserving history costs too much money, yet some research seems to indicate preserving historical buildings can improve the economy by increasing tourism and development.

My interest in historic properties was fueled, in part, by the annual gala held by the Historic Preservation Commission of the Columbia’s City Council. Each year the HPC names a number of properties to a Notable Properties list and the new properties named to the list are unveiled at this gala.

Please note, this Web site is focused on the Notable Properties, but it is not affiliated, associated with or approved by the Historic Preservation Commission. This site is not the official Web site for the HPC; that official site can be found here.

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  1. This is a website designed to bring together information on Columbia, Missouri’s historical properties. It is not the official website of the City of Columbia or of the City Council’s Historic Preservation Commission, which names the city’s Notable Properties each year.

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